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Open Letter to those considering the Westie Diet,

Rescue Pet Supply actively support the efforts of the animal rescue community. Westie Rescue of California is one of our most active animal rescue groups and, along with a noted veterinary dermatologist, the creators of the Westie Diet.

As you may discover, most veterinarians dispute the virtues of the Westie Diet. I believe this is largely based on a lack of knowledge of the diet and of the success that is has had in an overwhelming number of cases, in all breeds of dogs. Most veterinarians, not unlike your family doctor, are not especially familiar with nutrition. They deal in drugs. They know what drugs do, they know how to dispense them, and they have a strong profit motive for doing so.

My wife and I are the owner's of two Westies. One of them is a rescue boy from Westie Rescue of California. He suffered terribly from skin allergies and I, like our veterinarian, discounted the Westie Diet as a means of controlling or curing this condition. We tried the range of drugs from prednisone to Atopica to relieve his suffering. Unfortunately the side effects of both drugs are unacceptable and eventually we went kicking and screaming back to WRCA for the Westie Diet. (Atopica, for example, is an immune suppressant. if your pet has even the smallest cancer marker the use of Atopica can create a life threatening situation.) Since you haven't yet tried the diet the use of the term miraculous may seem exaggerated, but to those of you who adhere to the diet, you'll understand. We have had Rory for 9 years and he no longer shows symptoms or suffers the discomfort of skin allergies. Our vet, whom we dearly love, was as big a skeptic of the diet as any other, but after seeing the results, is now a believer.

Even if your vet sees the positive results of the Westie Diet, don't expect them to become devotees. The Westie Diet is outside the scope of their care and unless they are truly mavericks in the profession, they will not go outside their own clinical reach to support an outside remedy. Veterinary medicine is a business. You are the consumer. Be as critical of your pet's treatment as you are of your own medical care and carefully consider the benefits and consequences of all your options.

We strongly encourage that anyone interested in teh Westie Diet do the following:

  1. Visit the Westie Rescue of California website and read about the diet and the testimonials. Make sure you understand the diet and the commitment you need to make before you contact your vet.
  2. Get the question about the westie diet with your vet out of the way BEFORE you place an order. Customers have ordered the westie diet products and then return them because their vet said not to use it. Not only is this costly and time consuming, but it breaks our heart to know that relief is so close and becomes subverted by ignorance.
  3. If you start the diet, stick with the diet. Stick with the diet the way it is prescribed through the Westie Rescue of California website. Do not modify the diet to what you think it should be. Don't substitute chicken for beef because you don't like beef. The diet isn't for you, it's for your pet.. Don't omit any ingredients. We offer several of the products through our store, but other ingredients are called for that you must get elsewhere. Do it right and don't cut corners.

Best wishes and good luck,

Steve Walker
Rescue Pet Supply

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