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Rooster Booster Multi-Wormer 1.25 lb.

Triple Action Multi-Wormer

A multi-action product group that kills round worms, cecal worms and capillary worms in poultry. Blended in a nutrition-rich base containing essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals and direct-fed microbrials. Available in a 1.25 lb jar.
Price: $19.59
Inventory: In Stock
Code: 200912
Shipping Weight: 1.87 pounds




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How do I use Multi-Wormer?
It is our recommendation to feed Multi-Wormer continuously, the most efficient control of any parasitic disease is prevention of re-infection. Mix one scoop of Multi-Wormer per pound of feed.
What should I expect to see in the chickens fed Multi-Wormer?
Multi-Wormer produces a slow elimination of worms from the bird into the feces. The worm burden is reduced in the bird over a few weeks. In the case of capillary worms, it may take up to 6 weeks to produce the desired results.
Is Multi-Wormer safe for consumers and animals?
Yes, Multi-Wormer is a safe feed additive for chickens when used according to label directions.. Birds fed Multi-Wormer are required to have it withdrawn 3 days prior to slaughter. The eggs produced from hens fed Multi-Wormer are safe for human consumption. Studies show there is no significant residue in the eggs of chickens treated by Hygromycin B.
Are there any negative effects on hatchability or fertility in the chickens fed Multi-Wormer?
When used according to labeled directions for dosage, there are no negative effects on production parameters.

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