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Poultry Protector 16 oz.

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IPS-CareFree Enzymes and Manna Pro represent that this product
qualifies for exemption from registration under the 25(b) FIFRA.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Potassium Sorbate .1% by weight
INERT INGREDIENTS: Water, Yeast, Citric Acid 99.9%
TOTAL: 100%

This product requires dilution prior to use. Mix with warm, fresh water (75 F - 90 F) according to the chart below.

Product Water
Severe Infestation 20-25 fl. oz. 1 gal
Average Infestation 8-12 fl. oz. 1 gal
Light Infestation 4-8 fl. oz. 1 gal

(16 oz. Poultry Protector or Diluted 33.9 oz. Concentrate)

To get started:
• Remove bedding material
• Spray entire habitat (top, sides, and surrounding grounds) with a fine mist
• Replace bedding with new material before introducing birds
• Repeat this process periodically to maintain appropriate cleanliness

Birds: Poultry Protector can be sprayed directly onto your birds as often as desired. Keep spray away from the eyes to avoid irritation. To avoid potential chilling and associated stress, Poultry Protector is not recommended for birds under 10 days of age, extremely old or debilitated birds. For Best Results, ensure that Poultry Protector thoroughly coats the bird's skin by manually displacing the feathers or inverting birds completely during application. Spray chest, behind the head, under wings and around vent.

For dipping birds with severe infestations (must use the Poultry Protector Concentrate): Fill a five gallon tub half full (2.5 gallons) with warm water. Add 6 ounces of Poultry Protector Concentrate. Allow bird to sit in water for three to four minutes. Just before removing bird, briefly submerge the head.

Premises: For best results, spray living area and surrounding grounds with a fine mist every other day during the first week and once weekly thereafter. This product can be used for all ages of poultry and fowl.

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