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Cosequin Standard Strength Plus Perna 100ct

#1 Vet Recommended (formerly Cosequin Hip & Joint Support Plus - 100 ct.)

Cosequin Standard Strength Plus Perna 100ct
* Ingredients in these joint supplements work to help maintain the structure of your dog's joint cartilage
* Delicious liver-flavored tablets
* Plus with perna mussel

Help keep your dog active with these hip and joint supplements. Cosequin Bonelets contain 500 mg glucosamine and 500 mg Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) per tablet. Glucosamine is a necessary component in cartilage repair.
Cartilage covers the bony surfaces of the joints. In normal, healthy animals the body is able to make enough glucosamine to keep the existing cartilage healthy. However, when the animal ages or there is damage to joint cartilage, the animal cannot produce enough glucosamine to keep up with the body's needs.

MSM is reported to enhance the structural integrity of connective tissue, and help reduce scar tissue by altering components that contribute to scar formation. MSM has been promoted as having powerful anti-inflammatory and pain reducing properties. Bonelets Plus contains everything regular Bonelets have PLUS 300 mg of perna muscle per tablet. Perna mussels contain many beneficial components for arthritic dogs. Eicosatrienoic acid (ETA) is the key ingredient that helps in the anti-inflammatory activity and thereby the reduction of joint pain. Glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) are the main components of cartilage and the synovial fluid found in joints. Both Cosequin Bonelets formulations take up to 6 weeks to show results. Liver-flavored bone-shaped chewable tablets. For dogs.

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Price: $21.25
Inventory: Temporarily Out of Stock
Code: CQHJP100
Shipping Weight: 1.50 pounds




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Suggested daily use: Bonelets: 15 lbs and under: 1/2 tablet, 16-30 lbs: 1 tablet. 31-60 lbs: 2 tablets, 61-100 lbs: 3 tablets. Bonelets Plus: 30 lbs and under: 1 tablet, 31-60 lbs: 2 tablets, over 60 lbs: 3 tablets. May be given whole or crushed in food.

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