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Ketochlor Shampoo - 16 Oz.

Ketochlor Shampoo - 16 Oz.

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Excessive itching. Usually occurs due to an underlying condition such as allergies, parasites, or skin infection. Make sure underlying causes are addressed.
Sicca: Dry, scaly, dull skin coat with white or gray scales present. Oleosa: Greasy skin and hair coat, yellow-brown clumps of fatty material, a rancid odor or waxy, unpleasant smelling ears.
Ringworm: Circular hairloss and scaling. Pyoderma: hairloss, pruritus and collarettes. Malassezia: hairloss, hyperpigmentation and yeasty odor. It is important to note topical therapies may be used as an adjunct to appropriate oral therapies.
Unpleasant smelling, yeasty ears, excessive wax buildup in ears, inflammation and redness, excessive itchiness and repetitive scratching of ears.

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