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Shipping Information

Choice of carriers

On rare occasions the method of shipment you select will not be available for the size and shape of the product(s) you order. If you select a method of shipping and a different method is preferable based on carrier restrictions, size of the item, the cost of shipping, and the time in transit, we may choose to ship via an alternative method.

Economy shipping requires up to 8 days for delivery depending on your location. For example, east coast addresses usually require 6-8 days for delivery.

Our shipping cost computation are estimates. The cost may be more or less depending on such things as urban or rural delivery rates. If the cost is excessively more, you will be contacted regarding the shipping adjustment.

All of our shipments have a delivery time from 2-8 business days depending on where you live. If you have a special situation that requires expedited shipping please contact us directly before ordering.

Transit Time

Most orders ship within 48 hours, however it is not unusual for a large order or manufacturer shipped orders may ship within 3-5 business days. Your order is important to us and we work to ship your order as soon as possible. If any item is back ordered, we will contact you via e-mail to let you know your options. You will receive an official shipping notification via e-mail as soon as your order ships. If online tracking is available for your order, we will also include a tracking number with your shipping notification. Tracking information is available 24/7 via our Order Status page.

  • Priority Mail usually delivers within 3 business days of shipping.
  • Economy Shipping takes from 2-8 business days depending on your delivery location and is generally via UPS SurePost.
  • UPS (Standard Ground Shipping) delivery takes up to 6 business days to addresses within the continental U.S. Please refer to Transit Map below for delivery time from our warehouse. Remember that all transit time is in BUSINESS DAYS.
  • FREE SHIPPING orders generally are sent via the most economical method including UPS SurePost. Delivery times may up to 8 BUSINESS DAYS. If this time line does not meet your needs condition please consider an alternate method of shipping.
UPS Transit Map

Calculating Shipping charge

UPS†and†FedEx†will begin charging by dimensional weight on December 29 and January 1, respectively.

Instead of charging by weight alone, packages will now be charged according to size.†This means that box dimensions are now more (or equally) as important as weight.†

Industry experts†predict†that approximately one-third of all packages will be affected by this change.†

Hereís a practical example of what this looks like for a domestic shipment.

Letís say youíre shipping a domestic ground package in a 12x12x12 box. It weighs 4 pounds, and itís going in Zone 2.

Your calculation would be 12x12x12 / 166 = 10.4 dimensional weight (round up to 11).

The dimensional weight (11 lbs) is greater than the actual weight (4 lbs). Therefore, your shipping charge is calculated on an 11 pound package. This results in a 24% price increase for this package, compared to non-dimensional weight rates. .

We consider our shipping charges to be a Shipping & Handling charge. This means that we take into consideration the prevailing shipping rate, (supplied by the U.S. Postal Service, Federal Express, and UPS), plus the cost of materials including boxes, cushioning materials, shipping labels, etc. to calculate the Shipping & Handling charge for each package. In most cases the total cost of shipping a package in greater than the amount charged to the customer. You may calculate the cost of shipping by using our "Calculate Shipping" feature available on the "Shopping Basket" page. You must add an item to your basket before this feature is available. All shipping options displayed may not pertain to your particular order.

The shipping charge you select is the final shipping amount you are charged. The method may be changed at our discretion based on the products you have ordered. We do not attempt to bill you later for additional shipping charges, nor do we refund shipping charges based on a lower rate that you could have selected.

International Shipments

We do ship to addresses outside the continental U.S.

We ship internationally via USPS Priority Mail International and Express Mail International since this methods allow for tracking and insurance.

Notice to International (non-U.S.) Customers Only: International shipments are wrought with hidden cost and delivery uncertainties. Please be sure that you understand all the pitfalls associated with ordering internationally before ordering.

Please be advised that most countries charge duties and taxes on shipments originating from outside of their borders, especially the U.S. Any customs duties, fees, and/or taxes are the responsibility of you, the customer, and will be due before you can receive your shipment. If you are unaware of the charges that you may incur, please check with your customs agency before we complete the processing and shipping of your order. Also, we will do our best to determine whether there is a prohibition by your customs agency regarding any product you order, but in many cases the information provided by the US Postal Service may be incomplete. It is your responsibility to determine in advance of order whether the items you order violate any of your countrie's custom regulations. If an order is refused entry into your country and returned to us, we will only refund the products within the order that are still in salable condition. We will not refund the shipping charge. And finally, we will to the upmost to package your order in such a way as to insure that it arrives in good condition. If your order is damaged in transit, we will not replace the damaged item(s).

For the security of our customer's, as well as our own, we will not ship to an international address where the Bill To: and Ship To: addresses are different. Please contact us prior to ordering for information regarding shipping cost and delivery time for orders shipped outside the U.S.

APO addressees

We do ship via USPS Priority Mail to APO addresses. This selection is available during checkout. In some cases there are weight and size restrictions. If you have questions please contact BEFORE ordering.

Please contact us by telephone at 1-866-454-7387 with your questions.

Prices are subject to change without notice. Because of the possibility of typographical or human error, Rescue Pet Supply disclaims responsibility for errors. Rescue Pet Supply also disclaims responsibility for the use or misuse of products and the methods of use described in this website. The manufacturers label should always be followed. NO Rescue Pet Supply employee is authorized to recommend any deviation from label usage. Comments and statements regarding products in this website are intended to be correct and accurate, but the customer should be guided solely by their own judgment and opinion coupled with professional veterinary advice which should be sought in animal health matters.

*Pet food, Vaccines, International, and certain heavy shipments do not qualify for Free Standard Shipping Offers.

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