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Snoozer Pet Products Size Guide: How to determine the right size Pet pillow or Dog Car Seat for your Pet ?

Snoozer Pet Products Size Guide: How to determine the right size Pet pillow or Dog Car Seat for your Pet ?

We are often asked, what size should I get?

In all cases, as a general rule when in doubt get the larger size. Why? Because if the size you choose is too small, it will not do at all. If it is perhaps a little too big, at least it is big enough and it will do. Returning shipped items can be very expensive to you, because you pay to ship it back, and your refund is reduced by the amount it cost to ship to you. So please choose your size carefully.

Pet Size for Dog Car Seat Lookouts and the Perch

There are 4 Lookout Dog Car Seat Sizes to choose from: Console Lookouts for teacup size dogs, Small Lookouts, Medium (Oversized) Lookouts, and the Large (My Buddy) Lookout (which fits only in your back seat.) Bear in mind that the Lookouts were designed and made for dogs sitting up. However, we find that most customers want their pets to also be able to lie down. SO, right off the bat we are going to say to most customers consider Oversized Lookouts and/or the Perch but first follow the advice below and then return to the dogcarseats page to decide and order.

If you want to be sure your pet can lie down in a particular Lookout, take a piece of newspaper or butcher paper and cut it to the interior dimensions of each Lookout. The interior dimensions of the Lookouts are given Here. Place your pet on each piece of paper and have it lie down. That gives you a visual representation of how your dog will fit lying down in each of the Lookouts. This takes some work, but it is better to take this time now, than to buy the wrong size and bear the expense and trouble of returning the product.

If none of the Lookouts work for you, it can be that there is no solution to the problem you have. However, the Perch Booster Seat, which can be seen Here, in Half Bench and Full Bench sizes, will work for 90% of the cases where the Lookouts will not work. The Perch is for bigger small dogs and boosts them about 7in. . It is large enough in the Half Bench size for dogs up to 35-40lbs, and in the Full Bench for dogs up to 70lbs - 80lbs.

For Round and Rectangular Pillows, Pet Sofas, other Pet Beds

There are three rules of thumb often used when answering this question.
1. Measure the Pet Lying Down
2. Use the Weight of the Pet
3. When in doubt get the larger, not the smaller size

1) In general we believe that measuring the pet lying down as it is normally accustomed to lying, is the best way. Measure from nose or front legs, to back legs or rump; add 9in. to
Pick the size of the bed that will best fit those measurements, remembering that round bed measurements are in diameter (width across the circle).

2) Using weight, for our standard Snoozer round pillows, which can be applied, with some judgment, to our rectangular pillows, use the following guidelines (the inches sizes are the diameter [width] of the pillow):

- Small -- 24in. round -- pet up to 25 lbs
- Medium -- 35in. round -- pet up to 40 lbs
- Large -- 43in. round -- pet up to 85 lbs
- Xtra Large - 54in. round -- pet up to 140 lbs - 175 lbs

Weight is always a guess-timate; for best results -- Measure!!!! Always. Why order and then bear the expense of sending the bed back if it is not the right size? Measure first!!!!! Also, if in doubt, better to get the larger size, than the smaller. Small is always and forever too small, and will never do. Too big may be too big but it will do better than too small, which wont do at all.

Quality is remembered long after Price is

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