Holiday Safety Tips for Pets

While Easter may be over (and Passover is still underway), it’s good to know some pet safety tips during any holiday season. Christmas time may pose the biggest problems for pets, but as long as there are tons of guests in the house, there are safety risks for your furry friends.

If the holiday calls for many decorations, ensure there are out of your pet’s reach. Check that any plants or flowers in the home are not toxic if eaten. The holidays are also prime time for chocolates and other candy and nuts to be left out on tables. Be careful that they too are out of reach. You don’t want to get your pets sick. And while on the topic of food, guests will be tempted to share the ham or roast turkey with Fido. Let everyone know not to give any human food to your pet.

All those guests in the home can also be stressful for certain pets, especially if they’re not used to that kind of attention. Consider sectioning off an area for your pet to stay in, away from all the hullabaloo. Your cat will probably find a nice couch to hide under for most of the day, but don’t let her feel trapped there. She needs to eat and drink too!

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