Colorful Selection of Lupine Collars

There are tons of supplies, toys, and gizmos to purchase when you own a dog. But before you start thinking about snow boots or plush toys, you need a collar for the dog. Actually, it’s good to own quite a few because they will eventually wear down over time or become lost in the home or Fido decides it’s a chew toy. Rescue Pet Supply has a large selection of Lupine collars in just about every color and pattern imaginable. They even have collars for cats. You can let both you and your dog’s personality shine with fun patterns.

Lupine collars are available in different widths so they can fit your chubby little pug or your large Labrador. Not sure what size to get? Measure around the neck and add 10% more for comfort. If you opt for a harness instead, measure their girth (behind the elbows) and again add 10% room. Keep in mind that there are a variety of collars and some are training collars. A combo-collar, known as a martingale collar, is meant for both walking and training the dog with its unique design. But there are plenty of Lupine collars sold with the intention of everyday walking usage.

Visit Rescue Pet Supply and find your dog’s next collar!

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