Dog Boots for the Hot Weather

Most people associate dog boots with the winter and the snow. The cold weather can be extremely uncomfortable for those little paws, and they’re whole body in general. Just because dogs have fur doesn’t mean they’re toasty and warm all the time. Besides purchasing boots for the winter, pet owners should also consider special dog boots made just for the summer.

Think about how it feels when you walk barefoot on hot concrete or even hot sand on the beach during those scorcher days. It’s terrible, right? So why do you assume the ground isn’t burning your pet’s feet too? Ultra Paws, for example, makes dog boots that use a dense, heat resistant inner sole that deflects up to 75 degrees. The toe and sole are made with a flexible skid resistant material so you pooch’s feet never go flying. These boots are ideal for sidewalks, concrete, boats, and sand. Best of all they’re easy to put on and fasten. And don’t worry, they are breathable so the dog’s feet do not overheat by being covered.

In the warm weather we want to be outside with our pets as much as possible, but we have to remember to “dress” them appropriately, just like we would ourselves.

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