Dog Grooming Basics

Now that spring is here, your dog will be shedding his winter coat and growing in a new one for spring. Good news for the dog, not so much for your home. But regardless of the season, dogs (and cats) need frequent grooming and upkeep if you want the home to have minimal piles of fur and to keep his coat looking beautiful.

It all starts with hair brushing. Not only do dogs enjoy being brushed, it will maintain their healthy coat. The amount of brushing and the type you choose depends on the breed of dog and its hair. Long-haired dogs require daily brushing, while medium-haired dogs should be brushed weekly to prevent matting and tangles. Short-haired dogs can go much longer. But brush more frequently during shedding season to prevent a build-up.

Nails need to be trimmed but pet owners and dogs both hate this ordeal. You can have your vet or groomer do it for you, but you should also learn how to do it yourself too.

When it comes to bathing, some dogs love it, others hate it –most owners do too. Most dogs can be bathed monthly and you should always make it a positive experience for them. Ask your veterinarian if specific shampoos are best for your dog’s hair.

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