Horse Care and Hoof Health

Hoof health is of the utmost importance when it comes to horses.  It is where infections and injuries tend to occur the most and they can cause further health complications. It is important that you often pick out the feet of your horse. In the process, you should look for a variety of things.

Thrush is one of the biggest bacterial infections that horses get. It is fairly common but can be treated quickly. The first sign is a foul smell and dark ooze coming from the cleft. You’ll want to have it treated right away. If left to continue, it can cause lameness and hoof damage. A vet can recommend you the perfect over the counter treatment.

You should also be keeping a lookout for any punctures.  If it turns out that an object is still in the foot, don’t pull it out. Let it be checked by a professional first.  Cracks are also another thing to check for. some are superficial, but some can be deeper and more serious.

For hoof care in general, Rescue Pet Supply carries a good deal of over the counter treatments that can help restore your horse’s health to as good as new.

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