Life Jackets for Your Pooch This Summer

Many dogs love swimming and you probably love taking them out with you on your summer excursions, whether you love heading out the nearest lake or taking your pup on long, even walks on the beach. But even dogs who seem to be the best of swimmers are at risk of drowning, especially in unpredictable waters. That’s why life jackets are so important to put on your dog before taking them out to a body of water. Especially if they may be the type to just jump in.

Picking the right life jacket depends on the size of your dog. There are plenty ranging from the smallest pups to a large golden retriever, that will fit snugly around their body and will be safely secured at all times.  Of course, they also come in an array of fun colors, bright enough that you’ll be able to spot your pet from far away.

Pet Rescue Supply has an entire line of life jackets that will let you and your best buddy enjoy the water together this season, as well as lupine collars to match, dog boots, and all the other pet supplies you may need to keep your puppy healthy and happy this summer.

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