Lupine Collars For Indoor Cats

You might think because you have a cat that is indoors only, that you don’t have to collar them. But this isn’t true. You never know when your cat may slip out. I’ve had an indoor cat for 8 years and in my old house, there was a couple of times she sneaked out the back door and got under a fence, into a neighboring yard. There’s nothing scarier than when a pet slips away, but it happens. I always felt  good knowing that we had a lupine collar on her, so that if someone should find her, they’d know she was a pet.

Luckily, the couple of times it happened she always returned on her own, safe and healthy. But you never know what may happen, even with a cat who spends their lives indoors. So lupine collars are an important thing to invest in. If your cat should ever slip away, a collar is a given sign to anyone that he or she belongs to someone. They can start making the appropriate moves to find you, the owner.

So the next time you go shopping for pet gear, don’t forget the lupine collar for your cat. Get a nice, bright color that will be noticeable!

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