The Many Advantages of Nutramax Supplements

When it comes to Nutramax supplements, there’s a lot to know. There are quite a few different choices for your dogs and cats that can help with different health issues they may have, or just to keep them healthy as they get older. It is important that they take these supplements regularly, especially if a vet recommends them. But what kind of supplements does Nutramax offer?

For your best buddies, there’s something great to help their skin and fur called Dermaquin. Sometimes as pets get older, their coats lose their luster and softness. This supplement helps bring it back as shiny and new as it was as a puppy or kitten.

Two other major issues tend to be digestive and joint health. This both can really affect our pets in their older age. Animals can have indigestion and arthritis too! Cosequin is the supplement for joint health, which comes in a variety of choices that you may want to consult your veterinarian on. They can best tell you which can help your pet overcome their aches and pains.  Bactaquin is the supplement that helps digestive problems so that your pets can have normal bowel movements and be tummy ache free.


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