Easy Traveling With Pet Gear

It would be a shame not to bring your favorite furry companion with you on all the awesome vacations you’ve got planned; but it can be a real hassle to pack little Buddy up and get him to sit nicely in the car, then haul him everywhere and make sure all his needs are met on the road. It’s almost enough to make anyone call the kennel immediately!

Luckily with Pet Gear, traveling with your pup has been made as easy as possible for you and your beloved. Let’s start with the first concern: how to get your dog to sit in the car without creating a driving hazard or getting fur all over your stuff. Pet Gear makes an array of car seats and booster seats specifically designed for your dog. These allow Buster to sit in comfort in the back and allow to continue safely driving towards your destination.

Next up on the concerns list: where will you pup sleep when you arrive? Dog cots are an amazingly simple answer to this conundrum. They’re easily packable and super comfy for your pet. They can be stored and assembled with ease and the fur factor doesn’t have to work its way onto your host’s bedding.

Lastly: what will I do with my pup while I bike? Plop him in a bike basket and allow him to enjoy the same view you’re so excited about. Of Course. Pet Gear’s got you covered with this too!

Now. Pack your little loved one up and go exploring!

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