Dog Boots: Necessity, Not Accessory

Like most rational minded people, I scoffed when dog boots first made it onto my radar. In my mind, this seemed on the same level as painting your dog’s toenails or decking Fido out in a Hermes scar: a mindless activity of the rich and fabulous.  Clearly, this is a frivolous, superficial, and totally unnecessary purchase. Or is it?

It’s a given that these booties will seem silly at first glance, but upon closer inspection a set of legitimate rationales for outfitting your furry friend in some dog boots appear. It’s come to my attention that just because dogs are born with “shoes” built into their paws, some canines need a little extra protection from the elements. Dog boots are particularly important for canines living under certain conditions such as extreme heat or cold or rough terrain. These pups should be donning boots for sure. For those living in run of the middle average temps and solid terrain, it is less important – but still not completely without reason.

Still unsure? Here are some warning signs to watch for. If your dog is exhibiting any of these, it might be time for boots.

  1. Blisters, burns or swelling on the paws.
  2. Cracks or cuts
  3. Redness
  4. Seeds and burrs stuck between the paws.
  5. Any sign of discomfort when handling your pup’s paws.


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