Skin Problems in Older Pets

The one good thing about skin problems in older pets is that they don’t have to worry about wrinkles like we do. I guess that is one advantage to being covered in fur! What they do have to worry about is thinning hair, endocrine disease, allergies, tumors, and menagerie of other problems. . . . → Read More: Skin Problems in Older Pets

Dental Disease

Dental Disease

Have you lifted up your pet’s lip lately and taken a good look at their teeth?  Almost every older dog and cat have some degree of dental disease that can cause foul breath, tooth discoloration, red and bleeding gums, loose teeth, pain, and loss of appetite.  It starts with gingivitis, and inflammation of . . . → Read More: Dental Disease

Obesity in Pets


Last month we visited all the troubles that can plague our older animals.  This month we will talk about obesity.  Obesity is one of the most common problems I see with all pets.  In fact, the latest statistics say that about 40% of pets in America are obese.  It can cause worsening and . . . → Read More: Obesity in Pets

Heart Disease in Dogs

Heart Disease

The heart is a two sided pump that sends blood around the body in a one-way direction through arteries that go away from the heart and veins that return to the heart.  The heart has a right side that pumps blood to the lungs to receive oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide (made when . . . → Read More: Heart Disease in Dogs

Care and Needs of the Older Pet – a continuing series

Care and Needs of the Older Pet

Beginning the new year my dog Cheyenne will be 13 years old. It’s hard to believe that the puppy that used to endlessly hunt for ground squirrels while camping is now reaching the end of her years. I thought this would be a good opportunity to discuss a . . . → Read More: Care and Needs of the Older Pet – a continuing series

Pet Toxins

Common exposures

Exposure to toxins or unintended substances are a relatively common problem with household pets, both dogs and cats. To prevent exposures to chemicals, you should attempt to “animal-proof” your home. There are various products available at stores to secure cabinets and drawers. Websites and books also describe procedures to secure cabinets, outlets and . . . → Read More: Pet Toxins

Pet Beds For Puppies

We all love our dogs. They complete our lives in many ways and give us something to smile about even on the worst days. They need us and, in a way, we might just need them as well. Of course, being in love with man’s best friend might be easy but occasionally it can build . . . → Read More: Pet Beds For Puppies

The Importance of Cat Dental Care

Dental care for your cat is pretty important. A lot of people don’t realize this, but they should be checking the teeth of their cats regularly because issues can mean a sign of bigger problems, or can lead to them eventually, just as the case is with humans.

Brushing a cat’s teeth is important. It . . . → Read More: The Importance of Cat Dental Care

The Cat Series

It was noted that most of the posts provided have more information on dogs and so I have devoted a section below on more cat specific problems: osteoarthritis, urinary problems and a warning about anorexia in cats. . . . → Read More: The Cat Series

Nutramax for Horse Health

You love your horse; that much is true. And no doubt you want your horse to be as healthy as possible. While it’s true too that simply feeding and exercising your horse are great ways to stay on top of that, there are in fact other things that you can do as well. Supplements, for . . . → Read More: Nutramax for Horse Health