Pet Life Jackets Just Another Accessory or a Necessity?

I have mentioned pet life jackets before on this site as they relate to overall safety in the summer and around water. This article examines pet life jackets more closely and will hopefully help pet owners decide if a life jacket is a good idea for their pet(s). I’ve decided that they are a great . . . → Read More: Pet Life Jackets Just Another Accessory or a Necessity?

Skin issues, Allergy and Diet

I get a lot of questions about skin problems including atopy (or dermatitis from allergies), skin infections, food allergy and hair loss. The crux with almost all of these problems is that the body is not appropriately handling exposure to opportunistic pathogens, ingredients in food or the environment. The question that I have is NOT how do we stop the itching, scratching and hair loss, but how do we actually stop this type of problem from recurring. . . . → Read More: Skin issues, Allergy and Diet

Perianal Fistulas

We received a question regarding a very serious health issue effecting a large number of dogs. Perianal Fistulas. Unfortunately, 84% of those dogs are German Shepherds.


I was sent an email a few weeks back on a product you were selling “SNP-G Wound Dressing Gell with Silver Sol”.

What I am wondering is if . . . → Read More: Perianal Fistulas