Keeping Your Pet Social

One of the most important things you can do for and with your pet is spend time with it. You might invest in lupine collars and buy needed treatment like Nutramax to keep them healthy, but they need to spend time with you too. Whether it’s your best little buddy of a pooch, or the . . . → Read More: Keeping Your Pet Social

Dog Boots: Necessity, Not Accessory

Like most rational minded people, I scoffed when dog boots first made it onto my radar. In my mind, this seemed on the same level as painting your dog’s toenails or decking Fido out in a Hermes scar: a mindless activity of the rich and fabulous.  Clearly, this is a frivolous, superficial, and totally unnecessary . . . → Read More: Dog Boots: Necessity, Not Accessory

Easy Traveling With Pet Gear

It would be a shame not to bring your favorite furry companion with you on all the awesome vacations you’ve got planned; but it can be a real hassle to pack little Buddy up and get him to sit nicely in the car, then haul him everywhere and make sure all his needs are met . . . → Read More: Easy Traveling With Pet Gear

Lupine Collars For Indoor Cats

You might think because you have a cat that is indoors only, that you don’t have to collar them. But this isn’t true. You never know when your cat may slip out. I’ve had an indoor cat for 8 years and in my old house, there was a couple of times she sneaked out the . . . → Read More: Lupine Collars For Indoor Cats

Life Jackets for Your Pooch This Summer

Many dogs love swimming and you probably love taking them out with you on your summer excursions, whether you love heading out the nearest lake or taking your pup on long, even walks on the beach. But even dogs who seem to be the best of swimmers are at risk of drowning, especially in unpredictable . . . → Read More: Life Jackets for Your Pooch This Summer

Colorful Selection of Lupine Collars

There are tons of supplies, toys, and gizmos to purchase when you own a dog. But before you start thinking about snow boots or plush toys, you need a collar for the dog. Actually, it’s good to own quite a few because they will eventually wear down over time or become lost in the home . . . → Read More: Colorful Selection of Lupine Collars

Dog Boots for the Hot Weather

Most people associate dog boots with the winter and the snow. The cold weather can be extremely uncomfortable for those little paws, and they’re whole body in general. Just because dogs have fur doesn’t mean they’re toasty and warm all the time. Besides purchasing boots for the winter, pet owners should also consider special dog . . . → Read More: Dog Boots for the Hot Weather

Dental Care for Your Cats

Cats, and dogs, often suffer from the same diseases that humans do. Nearly 85% of adult pets have periodontal disease. If left untreated, the bacteria can actually spread through the pet’s bloodstream and infect major organs. But other dental issues can occur too, such as gum disease and tooth decay –resulting in a loss of . . . → Read More: Dental Care for Your Cats

Dog Grooming Basics

Now that spring is here, your dog will be shedding his winter coat and growing in a new one for spring. Good news for the dog, not so much for your home. But regardless of the season, dogs (and cats) need frequent grooming and upkeep if you want the home to have minimal piles of . . . → Read More: Dog Grooming Basics

Holiday Safety Tips for Pets

While Easter may be over (and Passover is still underway), it’s good to know some pet safety tips during any holiday season. Christmas time may pose the biggest problems for pets, but as long as there are tons of guests in the house, there are safety risks for your furry friends.

If the holiday calls . . . → Read More: Holiday Safety Tips for Pets