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Keeping Your Pet Social

Tuesday, August 14th, 2012

One of the most important things you can do for and with your pet is spend time with it. You might invest in lupine collars and buy needed treatment like Nutramax to keep them healthy, but they need to spend time with you too. Whether it’s your best little buddy of a pooch, or the sweet cat you rescued when it was just a kitten, these guys have a loyalty to us like no other. And for that, you owe them some one on one time. It’s important to “socialize” with your pet and put aside some time to play with, pet, and generally love them.

  • Make time out of your day and make it a regular part of your schedule. Instead of saying you’ll play with the cat when you have time, or tossing your dog a chew toy and hoping they’ll entertain themselves, take some time when you come home from work or before you head out in the morning to play and make it consistent.
  • Play with your pooch or cat for a good 30 minutes or so, or until they tire before that. Not only will the love the attention, but it’ll wear them out so they get a good night’s (or day’s) sleep.
  • Let your pet keep you company once in a while. Maybe you don’t want them jumping on the bed or in a certain room, but you can still spend time in a place they are allowed. Just the company can really make a difference!

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Dog Boots: Necessity, Not Accessory

Wednesday, August 1st, 2012

Like most rational minded people, I scoffed when dog boots first made it onto my radar. In my mind, this seemed on the same level as painting your dog’s toenails or decking Fido out in a Hermes scar: a mindless activity of the rich and fabulous.  Clearly, this is a frivolous, superficial, and totally unnecessary purchase. Or is it?

It’s a given that these booties will seem silly at first glance, but upon closer inspection a set of legitimate rationales for outfitting your furry friend in some dog boots appear. It’s come to my attention that just because dogs are born with “shoes” built into their paws, some canines need a little extra protection from the elements. Dog boots are particularly important for canines living under certain conditions such as extreme heat or cold or rough terrain. These pups should be donning boots for sure. For those living in run of the middle average temps and solid terrain, it is less important – but still not completely without reason.

Still unsure? Here are some warning signs to watch for. If your dog is exhibiting any of these, it might be time for boots.

  1. Blisters, burns or swelling on the paws.
  2. Cracks or cuts
  3. Redness
  4. Seeds and burrs stuck between the paws.
  5. Any sign of discomfort when handling your pup’s paws.


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Easy Traveling With Pet Gear

Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

It would be a shame not to bring your favorite furry companion with you on all the awesome vacations you’ve got planned; but it can be a real hassle to pack little Buddy up and get him to sit nicely in the car, then haul him everywhere and make sure all his needs are met on the road. It’s almost enough to make anyone call the kennel immediately!

Luckily with Pet Gear, traveling with your pup has been made as easy as possible for you and your beloved. Let’s start with the first concern: how to get your dog to sit in the car without creating a driving hazard or getting fur all over your stuff. Pet Gear makes an array of car seats and booster seats specifically designed for your dog. These allow Buster to sit in comfort in the back and allow to continue safely driving towards your destination.

Next up on the concerns list: where will you pup sleep when you arrive? Dog cots are an amazingly simple answer to this conundrum. They’re easily packable and super comfy for your pet. They can be stored and assembled with ease and the fur factor doesn’t have to work its way onto your host’s bedding.

Lastly: what will I do with my pup while I bike? Plop him in a bike basket and allow him to enjoy the same view you’re so excited about. Of Course. Pet Gear’s got you covered with this too!

Now. Pack your little loved one up and go exploring!

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Lupine Collars For Indoor Cats

Monday, June 18th, 2012

You might think because you have a cat that is indoors only, that you don’t have to collar them. But this isn’t true. You never know when your cat may slip out. I’ve had an indoor cat for 8 years and in my old house, there was a couple of times she sneaked out the back door and got under a fence, into a neighboring yard. There’s nothing scarier than when a pet slips away, but it happens. I always felt  good knowing that we had a lupine collar on her, so that if someone should find her, they’d know she was a pet.

Luckily, the couple of times it happened she always returned on her own, safe and healthy. But you never know what may happen, even with a cat who spends their lives indoors. So lupine collars are an important thing to invest in. If your cat should ever slip away, a collar is a given sign to anyone that he or she belongs to someone. They can start making the appropriate moves to find you, the owner.

So the next time you go shopping for pet gear, don’t forget the lupine collar for your cat. Get a nice, bright color that will be noticeable!

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Life Jackets for Your Pooch This Summer

Tuesday, June 5th, 2012

Many dogs love swimming and you probably love taking them out with you on your summer excursions, whether you love heading out the nearest lake or taking your pup on long, even walks on the beach. But even dogs who seem to be the best of swimmers are at risk of drowning, especially in unpredictable waters. That’s why life jackets are so important to put on your dog before taking them out to a body of water. Especially if they may be the type to just jump in.

Picking the right life jacket depends on the size of your dog. There are plenty ranging from the smallest pups to a large golden retriever, that will fit snugly around their body and will be safely secured at all times.  Of course, they also come in an array of fun colors, bright enough that you’ll be able to spot your pet from far away.

Pet Rescue Supply has an entire line of life jackets that will let you and your best buddy enjoy the water together this season, as well as lupine collars to match, dog boots, and all the other pet supplies you may need to keep your puppy healthy and happy this summer.

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Colorful Selection of Lupine Collars

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

There are tons of supplies, toys, and gizmos to purchase when you own a dog. But before you start thinking about snow boots or plush toys, you need a collar for the dog. Actually, it’s good to own quite a few because they will eventually wear down over time or become lost in the home or Fido decides it’s a chew toy. Rescue Pet Supply has a large selection of Lupine collars in just about every color and pattern imaginable. They even have collars for cats. You can let both you and your dog’s personality shine with fun patterns.

Lupine collars are available in different widths so they can fit your chubby little pug or your large Labrador. Not sure what size to get? Measure around the neck and add 10% more for comfort. If you opt for a harness instead, measure their girth (behind the elbows) and again add 10% room. Keep in mind that there are a variety of collars and some are training collars. A combo-collar, known as a martingale collar, is meant for both walking and training the dog with its unique design. But there are plenty of Lupine collars sold with the intention of everyday walking usage.

Visit Rescue Pet Supply and find your dog’s next collar!

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Dog Boots for the Hot Weather

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012

Most people associate dog boots with the winter and the snow. The cold weather can be extremely uncomfortable for those little paws, and they’re whole body in general. Just because dogs have fur doesn’t mean they’re toasty and warm all the time. Besides purchasing boots for the winter, pet owners should also consider special dog boots made just for the summer.

Think about how it feels when you walk barefoot on hot concrete or even hot sand on the beach during those scorcher days. It’s terrible, right? So why do you assume the ground isn’t burning your pet’s feet too? Ultra Paws, for example, makes dog boots that use a dense, heat resistant inner sole that deflects up to 75 degrees. The toe and sole are made with a flexible skid resistant material so you pooch’s feet never go flying. These boots are ideal for sidewalks, concrete, boats, and sand. Best of all they’re easy to put on and fasten. And don’t worry, they are breathable so the dog’s feet do not overheat by being covered.

In the warm weather we want to be outside with our pets as much as possible, but we have to remember to “dress” them appropriately, just like we would ourselves.

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Dental Care for Your Cats

Tuesday, May 15th, 2012

Cats, and dogs, often suffer from the same diseases that humans do. Nearly 85% of adult pets have periodontal disease. If left untreated, the bacteria can actually spread through the pet’s bloodstream and infect major organs. But other dental issues can occur too, such as gum disease and tooth decay –resulting in a loss of teeth. Obviously your veterinarian will check your cat’s teeth during examinations, but you should be keeping an eye on his mouth at home too.

There are plenty of dental care products to keep your kitty’s mouth happy and healthy. Try to brush your cat’s teeth at least two time a week. There are special toothbrushes available, as well as ones that slip over your index finger. Start by doing just a few teeth at a time if your cat is uncomfortable. Many chewable treats and other products are on the market that have an abrasive texture to help remove food debris and plaque from the teeth. It’s best to start these practice when your cat is still a kitten instead of waiting until you notice a problem

Look for cat dental products at Rescue Pet Supply. And when you’re in need of carriers, healthcare products, and other great supplies, shop trusted brands like  Pet Gear, Nutramax, and much more at our store.

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Dog Grooming Basics

Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

Now that spring is here, your dog will be shedding his winter coat and growing in a new one for spring. Good news for the dog, not so much for your home. But regardless of the season, dogs (and cats) need frequent grooming and upkeep if you want the home to have minimal piles of fur and to keep his coat looking beautiful.

It all starts with hair brushing. Not only do dogs enjoy being brushed, it will maintain their healthy coat. The amount of brushing and the type you choose depends on the breed of dog and its hair. Long-haired dogs require daily brushing, while medium-haired dogs should be brushed weekly to prevent matting and tangles. Short-haired dogs can go much longer. But brush more frequently during shedding season to prevent a build-up.

Nails need to be trimmed but pet owners and dogs both hate this ordeal. You can have your vet or groomer do it for you, but you should also learn how to do it yourself too.

When it comes to bathing, some dogs love it, others hate it –most owners do too. Most dogs can be bathed monthly and you should always make it a positive experience for them. Ask your veterinarian if specific shampoos are best for your dog’s hair.

You can find all the grooming products you need by shopping at Rescue Pet Supply. They carry top brands like Halo, Pet Gear, Nutramax, and more.

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Holiday Safety Tips for Pets

Saturday, April 7th, 2012

While Easter may be over (and Passover is still underway), it’s good to know some pet safety tips during any holiday season. Christmas time may pose the biggest problems for pets, but as long as there are tons of guests in the house, there are safety risks for your furry friends.

If the holiday calls for many decorations, ensure there are out of your pet’s reach. Check that any plants or flowers in the home are not toxic if eaten. The holidays are also prime time for chocolates and other candy and nuts to be left out on tables. Be careful that they too are out of reach. You don’t want to get your pets sick. And while on the topic of food, guests will be tempted to share the ham or roast turkey with Fido. Let everyone know not to give any human food to your pet.

All those guests in the home can also be stressful for certain pets, especially if they’re not used to that kind of attention. Consider sectioning off an area for your pet to stay in, away from all the hullabaloo. Your cat will probably find a nice couch to hide under for most of the day, but don’t let her feel trapped there. She needs to eat and drink too!

Look for pet gear, NaturVet products, and much more at Rescue Pet Supply.

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