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Dog Boots: Necessity, Not Accessory

Wednesday, August 1st, 2012

Like most rational minded people, I scoffed when dog boots first made it onto my radar. In my mind, this seemed on the same level as painting your dog’s toenails or decking Fido out in a Hermes scar: a mindless activity of the rich and fabulous.  Clearly, this is a frivolous, superficial, and totally unnecessary purchase. Or is it?

It’s a given that these booties will seem silly at first glance, but upon closer inspection a set of legitimate rationales for outfitting your furry friend in some dog boots appear. It’s come to my attention that just because dogs are born with “shoes” built into their paws, some canines need a little extra protection from the elements. Dog boots are particularly important for canines living under certain conditions such as extreme heat or cold or rough terrain. These pups should be donning boots for sure. For those living in run of the middle average temps and solid terrain, it is less important – but still not completely without reason.

Still unsure? Here are some warning signs to watch for. If your dog is exhibiting any of these, it might be time for boots.

  1. Blisters, burns or swelling on the paws.
  2. Cracks or cuts
  3. Redness
  4. Seeds and burrs stuck between the paws.
  5. Any sign of discomfort when handling your pup’s paws.


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Dog Boots Protect Them From Dirt and Infection

Wednesday, July 11th, 2012

When you walk your dog, you probably don’t think too much about where they are walking or what surfaces are beneath their paws. But it is important that you do because these things can really affect their health. It is one thing if you are walking them on a regular concrete surface, but if you are heading out into a wooded area or somewhere wet and muddy or swampy, there’s a lot of bacteria that can breed in those areas. Not to mention, tons of bugs like ticks, spiders, and other insects that can bite.

Getting dog boots can be a way to protect their paws from a lot of things. Whether it means keeping them from getting bit, or from taking a wrong step and getting cut and an infection, boots will be comfortable enough for them to walk in, but provide a layer between them and anything that could be harmful.

Dog boots come in a variety of sizes to accommodate your pooch, from the smaller pups to larger dogs.  And they will be comfortable for them so they won’t have any issues walking.  You can find all you need in terms of dog boots and other accessories at Rescue Pet Supply.

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Life Jackets for Your Pooch This Summer

Tuesday, June 5th, 2012

Many dogs love swimming and you probably love taking them out with you on your summer excursions, whether you love heading out the nearest lake or taking your pup on long, even walks on the beach. But even dogs who seem to be the best of swimmers are at risk of drowning, especially in unpredictable waters. That’s why life jackets are so important to put on your dog before taking them out to a body of water. Especially if they may be the type to just jump in.

Picking the right life jacket depends on the size of your dog. There are plenty ranging from the smallest pups to a large golden retriever, that will fit snugly around their body and will be safely secured at all times.  Of course, they also come in an array of fun colors, bright enough that you’ll be able to spot your pet from far away.

Pet Rescue Supply has an entire line of life jackets that will let you and your best buddy enjoy the water together this season, as well as lupine collars to match, dog boots, and all the other pet supplies you may need to keep your puppy healthy and happy this summer.

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Dog Boots for the Hot Weather

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012

Most people associate dog boots with the winter and the snow. The cold weather can be extremely uncomfortable for those little paws, and they’re whole body in general. Just because dogs have fur doesn’t mean they’re toasty and warm all the time. Besides purchasing boots for the winter, pet owners should also consider special dog boots made just for the summer.

Think about how it feels when you walk barefoot on hot concrete or even hot sand on the beach during those scorcher days. It’s terrible, right? So why do you assume the ground isn’t burning your pet’s feet too? Ultra Paws, for example, makes dog boots that use a dense, heat resistant inner sole that deflects up to 75 degrees. The toe and sole are made with a flexible skid resistant material so you pooch’s feet never go flying. These boots are ideal for sidewalks, concrete, boats, and sand. Best of all they’re easy to put on and fasten. And don’t worry, they are breathable so the dog’s feet do not overheat by being covered.

In the warm weather we want to be outside with our pets as much as possible, but we have to remember to “dress” them appropriately, just like we would ourselves.

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