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Rescue Pet Supply Affiliates Program

Dear Pet Rescue Supporters,

For the past 11 years we have maintained our affiliate program as a means contributing to the pet rescue effort for which our company was founded.

We now believe it is time to more the the next level of pet support which will put more money where it can do the most good and lessen any inconvenience to our customers that may have existed in the past.

Effective immediately, we will no longer be accepting applications for our affiliate program.

Effective January 1, 2015 we will initiate our new donation program by which a monthly donation of $250.00 will be sent to the animal rescue group of our choice chosen from a list of groups who have displayed outstanding stewardship of our less fortunate pet friends. We're sure there are hundreds of groups doing outstanding work of which we are unaware, but we must start somewhere. As this program progresses we will add worthy organization as we become aware of their existence.

The Management
Rescue Pet Supply

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